With character products at its core, the company has longstanding relationships with some of the world's most widely recognized families of brands, working closely with licensors, studios and agencies. Our varied portfolio ranges from enduring classics to a league of superheroes; from sporting brands to surfwear; from movies to television; from teenage music idols to legendary rock stars… and we are continuously expanding and diversifying.

A small sample of some our Licenses.

Supply Chain

We recognise that no organisation can do everything, and with this in mind we have approached our supply chain with the goal of creating powerful alliances with our preferred suppliers. Furthermore, with ever increasing imports of textiles and clothing to South Africa, it has become even more important that we work together effectively with suppliers that have capabilities that complement ours.

Powerhouse sources yarn throughout southern Africa and knits the majority of our fabric through our own in-house mill, Powerknit. The remainder is produced by associate mills and we commission dye greige fabric through associated dye houses. Our strength is our longevity of our relationships, many of them ranging between 12 and 18 years, and built on trust and best practice. The major share of our screen printing is carried out by a screen printing service neighbouring Powerhouse headquarters both organisations sharing a long, successful and intertwined 20 year history. CMT is carried out by more than 30 associate factories spread across Southern Africa.

Outsourcing of all this activity means our production capacity has no limit!


As a South African company that is fully committed to growing the level of locally produced goods, we work hand in hand with our customers and licensed brands to achieve this.

Our customers are clothing retailers and of course, ultimately, shoppers. Customer relationships are developed and nurtured by our sales team, and this close working relationship ensures that we manufacture products that are aligned to the requirements of an ever changing market; and supported by our development and manufacturing teams.

A selection of our Customers.